Witness Within

Tuesday October 28, 2014 7pm18A rating
York Woods Library 1785 Finch Ave W
TRT: 59:11 min. plus panel

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Luk’Luk’I: Mother
(2014, 19:00)

A First Nations full-time mother/part-time sex worker goes missing in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Wayne Wapeemukwa is a Métis filmmaker/philosopher/psychoanalyst from Vancouver. His film Foreclosure premiered at TIFF in 2013. Inspired by a radical hope for a more equal and sovereign society, Wayne aspires to keep filming stories and contribute his personal definition to film form.

Healing Walks – Zakee Kuduro
(2013, 30:16)

Healing Walks is a short documentary calling attention to the destruction of the tar sands and deforestation in Alberta, Canada and the courageous Indigenous communities fighting back. Participants staged an 8 mile Healing Walk Ceremony to acknowledge the damage of tar sands oil mining on their land and local communities.

Zakee Kuduro is a West Philly-born, South America-based creative director/producer, composer and filmmaker. He is the Creative Director of Energy Action Coalition, a nonprofit that organizes youth around environmental issues. Zakee served as lead producer of PowerShiftTV and Power Shift 2013, a conference that brought together over 8,000 student leaders for three days of activism and workshops, culminating each day with a concert featuring top indie artists.

Roses – Kathleen Smith
(2013, 9:55)

As the Regent Park community of Toronto undergoes massive change, long-time resident Rose Edwards stays the course by managing a group of young dancers called South Side Swag.

Kathleen Smith is a Toronto-based writer, editor, curator and filmmaker. As a producer, she worked with Alison Murray on CARNY, an award-winning documentary feature about traveling carnival workers and Caprichosos de San Telmo. As a director, she has made several commissioned films including boil fire/stop fish, supermundane, and pop/lock, a short documentary portrait about Toronto street dance.

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