Red Riot

Monday October 27, 2014 7pm18A rating
York Woods Library 1785 Finch Ave W
TRT: 57:11 min. plus panel

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The Orphan and the Polar Bear – Neil Christopher
(2014, 8:46)

According to Inuit oral history, long ago animals had the power of speech and could even assume human form. In The Orphan and the Polar Bear, a neglected orphan is adopted by a polar bear elder. Under the bear’s guidance, the orphan learns the skills he will need to survive.

Neil has spent the last ten years researching Inuit myths and legends. In 2012, he wrote and directed his first film, Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves. The film was an international success, garnishing many awards and critical acclaim. Neil lives with his family in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Kajutaijuq: The Spirit That Comes – Scott Brachmayer
(2014, 15:26)

In this short film that is part Inuit legend and part thriller, a hunter attempts to survive in the Arctic wilderness by following teachings passed on to him by his late grandfather. The skills are rooted in ancient knowledge, ritual and taboo and the price of failure is high. Kajutaijuq raises provocative questions about tradition, knowledge, and adaptation in a changing world. 

Scott Brachmayer is a Toronto-based director. Working primarily as a sound mixer, Scott has made multiple trips to the Canadian Arctic where he and his producer, Nyla Innuksuk, have worked closely with northern talent and filmmakers to celebrate Inuit culture. Kajutaijuq: The Spirit That Comes is Scott’s first film since graduating from the Ryerson University Film Studies program.

Aviliaq: Entwined – Alethea Arnaquq-Baril
(2014, 15:00)

Set in a 1950s Inuit community, Aviliaq tells the story of two Inuit lesbians struggling to stay together in a new world run by outsiders.

Althea Arnaquq-Baril is an award-winning filmmaker who works in documentary and animation. Her work has been broadcast on CBC and APTN and has travelled extensively to festivals including Hot Docs and imagineNATIVE. In 2011, her animated short film Sloth was selected for Telefilm’s Not Short on Talent showcase at Cannes.

Throat Song – Miranda de Pencier
(2011, 17:59)

In Throat Song, a young Inuit woman seeks to reclaim her voice, lost in a community that has been tragically separated from its past.

Miranda de Pencier is a working independent film producer since 2002 and president of her own company, Northwood Productions. Throat Song was her directorial debut and nominated for the 2014 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

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