Dead Ducks

Wed Oct 24 | 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Nick Mirkopoulos Screening Room, 004 Acolade East

***All events are free and taking place on the York University Keele campus

DEAD DUCKS features the work of York film professor Brenda Longfellow that employs a distinctively different approach from conventional film in dealing with the environmental crisis and its serious social impact. The set opens with an environmental justice short by independent filmmaker Myke O’Shea:

Saskatchewan: Toxic Waste Dump? – Myke O’Shea

York Film Professor Brenda Longfellow

Carpe Diem
Dead Ducks

Total running time: 52:16

Q&A with Professor Brenda Longfellow
Brett Dolter, researcher on Saskatchewan: Toxic Waste Dump? will be in attendance

Saskatchewan: Toxic Waste Dump? is a film about the nuclear industry’s plan to store high level radioactive waste in northern Saskatchewan, and citizen opposition to that plan. As the amount of waste from nuclear power plants increases, the bribery and promises to northern communities have escalated. This film documents the 900km journey made by residents of Pinehouse Saskatchewan to the provincial legislature in Regina to show their strong opposition to a nuclear waste dump in Saskatchewan.

Myke O’Shea is an independent filmmaker from Regina, SK. O’Shea has worked on several social justice documentaries regarding issues such as low income housing, inner city drug abuse, the closing of historic landmarks, as well as biographies of local, global and historic leaders.

Brett Dolter is a 2nd year PhD student in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. His research focuses on energy policy and ecological economics, in particular Brett is working to envision a renewable energy electricity grid for Saskatchewan. He is also working with Myek O’Shea as editor, writer, and researcher on the full-length film Saskatchewan Nuclear Wonderland.

Professor Brenda Longfellow is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and film theorist. Her productions include Our Marilyn (1987), Gerda (1992), A Balkan Journey/Fragments From The Other Side of War (1996); Shadow Maker: Gwendolyn MacEwen, Poet (1998); and Tina in Mexico (2002).
Professor Longfellow’s most recent production, Weather Report (2008), is a feature-length television documentary that explores the effects of climate change on communities around the world. She is currently working on a series of musical shorts exploring the complex weave of delusion, dream and willful complicity that informs the evolution of the Tar Sands in Northern Alberta.

Carpe Diem is a stylish short opera about environmental disaster! On board a direct flight from Houston to Fort McMurray, the capital of the Alberta Tar Sands, the VP of a fictitious oil company finds his world collapsing around him as the oil market goes into a tailspin, investors get antsy, and he is assailed by the environmental logic of a two-headed fish.

Dead Ducks is a dark operatic short inspired by the true story of the 1600 ducks who landed on the Syncrude tailing pond in the Alberta tar sands during their spring migration in 2008 and perished in a mass of toxic bitumen. Weaving an innovative mix of fictionalized enactment, stunning animation, documentary footage and a gorgeous orchestral score, Dead Ducks explores the complex collision of oil culture with the natural world. 2012 Winner Audience Award for Best Experimental Film Santa Cruz Festival

Offshore is an interactive web documentary about the next chapter of oil: ‘Extreme Oil,’ some call it, “Cowboy Drilling.”